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Olga Brennand Testimonials

I didn't realize the results Olga achieves with her bare hands were ever achievable. And once she added a dermaroller with some supre-powerful serum for me, I said good-bye to injections! Her sculpting massage feels amazing and makes me look so much younger. 

Bella, 39 y.o. 

I've been having facials regularly for years, but never like Olga's. Her techniques and understanding of her art are extraordinary, as are the results and the compassion with which she delivers her treatments. Hypnotic and addictive!

Sherry Coutu

Since I have started Olga's facials I have observed a noticeable and lasting improvement in the structure and overall appearance of my skin and facial muscles. Olga applies a strong and very effective massage technique that, as if by magic, makes my facial muscles feel toned and any fine lines smoothed out. The effect is so obvious that I was even asked by a friend whether I've had Botox! Olga is highly knowledgeable, she uses natural products, shea butter and seaweed-based mask among others, along with the latest developments in the field of cosmetics depending on how my skin feels on the day.

Xenia, 34 y.o. 


I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Olga Brennand for over 5 years. She is a brilliant therapist and specialises in microneedling and other advanced skin therapies. She is passionate about skin and skin health. She has the knowledge and tools to truly make a difference to one’s skin and only uses the very best products available. I would highly recommend her skills, she is also a very lovely person.

Emma Coates Registered Nurse

Olga's face sculpting massage not only reduces wrinkles and enhances cheekbones, but also releases tension in your mind and clear your thoughts. Olga herself is a person you'd like to meet again and again. She's a true professional and warm welcoming person you just feel great spending time with.

Valerie 33 y.o.

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