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Deep Hydration


This facial aims to restore moisture balance in your skin and get rid of fine lines that are caused by skin dehydration.  The skin regains its elasticity and radiant complexion, looking glowing and revitalized.


The treatment starts with cleansing, followed by even deeper cleansing; sculpting massage of face, neck and décolleté; moisturizing mask, moisturizing serum and a finishing cream.




This treatment erases years of your face. Sculpting massage fights natural gravity by rebuilding the facial muscles’ carcass, which is particularly essential after a certain age. You will see noticeable results even after one treatment, however regular treatments are recommended for a stable result.


The treatments begins with cleansing, followed by exfoliation, deep lifting and lymphatic drainage massage focusing on facial, neck and décolleté, and finished by a combination of masks and a finishing cream.






Bespoke Facial

Most of my clients choose a bespoke facial. This treatment stabilizes intracellular balance, let the skin breath and addresses all sorts of issues such as wrinkles, pigmentation, dryness, loss of skin tone and elasticity.


After a thorough consultation with a client, I would often start with a peeling- glycolic or retinol. After a few treatments when the skin is ready, I would use a derma-roller. Derma-roller is a great way to revitalise the skin by delivering essential elements such as peptides, amino-acids and hyaluronic acids into deep skin layers. Each treatment also includes a sculpting massage, based on a combination of American, Russian, and Swiss schools. The result is more elastic, plump and even looking skin, and a noticeable lifting and re-sculpting effect.


The Derma Stamp contains hundreds of tiny needles that are gently stamped onto the skin causing micro wounds beneath the skin which promote skin rejuvenation by encouraging new collagen production. The healing process and skin-tightening effects of the Derma Stamp are accelerated with powerful growth factor and recovery serums. This skin needling device reduces the signs of ageing and improves the skin’s appearance by repairing scars and stretch marks. Ideal for localised stimulation of the face and body.

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