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Getting to know a client

It’s amazing how different every face is. Just as there’re no two identical people, there’re no two identical faces, despite our uniform anatomical structure. After twenty years of experience and thousands of clients’ faces, I’ve learned to distinguish and respond to the finest signals I receive from my clients’ skin. I “listen” with my hands, which tell me what each particular face needs.

Sculpting massage

Sculpting massage is a key part of my treatments. Non-surgical face lift, facial sculpting and  refined skin texture are achieved through anatomically precise movements and pressure points to stimuate micro circulation, lymph drainage and tone your facial muscles. The session is akin to a targeted gym workout for your face. My author’s method perfected over the years, it is the most popular procedure with my clients. And this is for a good reason – just one treatment revitalizes the skin,  “restarts” its essential functions and prepares it for further facial care. And it feels great too!

Professional facial care plan

Once I’ve become familiar with the skin via a massage, I discuss a facial care plan with a client, including types of treatments to be used, professional and home care products, periodicity and rotation of treatments. XXI century offers a broad range of skin care options: creams, lasers, peelings, derma rollers, injections, etc. I recommend going from simple to complex: a cream – a more complex cream  - adding a serum – trying a peeling – introducing a derma roller – and after all that, possibly injections.  I believe the goal of my work is to achieve that perfect facial condition a client would love to have so I approach each care plan thoroughly and individually.

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